The Plush Brotherhood

For a fluffier world!

The Plush Brotherhood
The Plush Brotherhood

The Plush Brotherhood

  1. The purpose of the organisation The Plush Brotherhood – to promote fluffiness on Earth and say NO to any form of violence (including the one against the nature). We all want a fluffier planet.
  2. MottoFor a fluffier world!
  3. Members – any plush toy that takes care of a human being can join us.
  4. How to become a member – just let us know by sending us an email, contact us on Instagram, FacebookTumblr, Pinterest, or Twitter, or just add a #plushbrotherhood tag to your image. We need a photo, the name and a few words about the toy and/or your ideas about how to make Earth a fluffier planet. NEW (for humans): you can also send us a selfie with your beloved plush toy.

PS1: we are busy now working on The Plush Brotherhood Certificate and we will let you know when it is ready. Every member of the brotherhood will receive a digital copy. Thank you all for joining 🙂

PS2: pentru cei care vorbesc româna, este un articol aici

The gallery of the members so far, in random order:


  1. Simona says:

    For a better world!! <3 Simpatici tare toti membrii actuali ai Fratiei de Plush!! La cat mai multi doritori care sa imparta pufosenia in lume!

    1. K.J. Mecklenfeld says:

      Mulțumim, Simona și Tseddy 🙂

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